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What Causes interest you ?

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Legacy Founder currently operates as a free mobile/web platform that allows organizations to receive donations and manage volunteers from anywhere in the world. We are quickly expanding our web presence by providing a more comprehensive one stop shop solution. Legacy Founder aspires help to serve the organizations that support others. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) maintains a registry of over 1.5 million nonprofits, many the organizations are constrained by time and money. We hope to empower those organizations by providing a powerful tool.

our story

Meet Robert Stovall: philanthropists, visionary.

Robert Stovall, West Point graduate & United States Army Captain, began working on the idea of Legacy while serving on his second tour in Afghanistan in 2014.

Founded on the principles of: Philanthropy, Opportunity, and Community. We are driven to bring a cost-effective solution to maximize donation avenues, as well as provide a volunteer platform. We hope to empower organizations so they have more time to do what they do best.

Philanthropy – Legacy looks to provide a tool for users that want to contribute either through time or money. As a matter of fact, a users’ time is more important than any monetary donation. The platform looks to consolidate all philanthropic data points to provide an individual’s philanthropic history. When individuals join an organization that organization can now call upon them to help support their cause.

Opportunity – When user’s open legacy we want provide things for them to discover and get involved with. Finding causes that they are interested in and becoming active members. The Legacy aims to provide a platform for charities, nonprofits, and organizations of all sizes.

Community – Legacy is a one of a kind platform designed to help integrate individuals with charities, non-profits and organizations. People can now easier than ever get involved in their communities and make a difference by donating their time or money. In return Legacy keeps track of individual’s donations and service hours.

Products and services :-

Legacy Admin: (Android / iOS)

Provides organizations a cost-effective solution to organizations to limit the amount of time they need to spend tracking and collecting volunteer hours and donations. We will connect users and organizations, allowing them to easily export data, post articles, create events.

Legacy Pro: (Android / iOS)

Found on iOS and Android, Legacy Pro is tailored for the individual that want to donate time talent and treasure. The purpose is to allow individuals to ability to directly support the causes they believe in while accumulating their philanthropic history in one location. Within the app, you can now become a member of the organization and track your time talent and treasure.